Investigate Elected Officials Who Work For Our Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: Mike Honda, Democrat, California


Fringe, uber-left Representative Mike Honda, a Democrat from California, is calling for a boycott of mass transportation systems in NY and DC. Another subversive tool working to undermine our most very basic freedoms. 
You may call his Campbell District office toll-free at (888) 643-4715 and politely read him the first amendment, followed by the entire Constitution. Tell him there will be a pop quiz at the end of the call.
We ought to have a look at Honda's financing. How much comes from Muslim Brotherhood groups? Remember, hundreds of anti-Israel posters ran in every major city in America and the media did not so much as yawn. Where was Mike Honda then? They ran in his state? Where was his righteous indignation then? 10 little ads in New York and 4 in DC condemning jihad, and heads explode in the media and leftist political circles. This is the era of the modern barbarian --  supporting jihad, the most vicious and brutal war doctrine on the face of the earth.
This AFP reporter attempts to smear me. Shaun Tandon trouts out that smelly embarrassment to the Jewish people, Abe Foxman, and touts the ADL as "the most prominent US advocacy group against anti-Semitism." Uh, no, that would be the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The ADL? The ADL refuses to call the Armenian genocide (the Islamic slaughter of 2 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians) a genocide, but equates me with Louis Farrakhan. The ADL is more like the Defamation League. ADL was successfully sued for over $10 million for defaming a Colorado couple accused of bigotry.  A judgment confirmed by every court that reviewed it, and a judgment ultimately but grudgingly paid by the ADL  The largest defamation judgment in the history of the State of Colorado paid for Anti-Defamation League. They smear and run. If I weren't a "public persona" I would sue too. 
You'll also notice that Shaun Tandon of the AFP (American Freedom Defense Initiative),  failed to mention that Hamas-CAIR were named in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation's history. Further, entered into evidence was that CAIR was a Muslim Brotherhood proxy and many of their leaders are in prison for terror related crimes. The media never mentions that, but they have no problem spreading the smears and lies of uber-left wing groups like the ADL.

Here was my interview with AFP's Shaun Tandon:
Shaun Tandon: I was hoping for an update on where the advertisements are up. Am I correct that they are now on public transit in Washington (WMATA), New York (subway and Metro-North) and in San Francisco (buses)? For how long are the advertisements scheduled to run in each city?
Geller: We are planning on extending the runs now, so it will be for a few more weeks.
Shaun Tandon: Any plans to place the advertisements in more cities?
Geller: Yes, we are rolling them out nationwide.
Shaun Tandon One criticism of the advertisements has been that the use of the term "savage" could impugn the character of all Muslims, peaceful or not, and not specifically violent Muslims. Do you believe that the advertisements acknowledge a difference? Or do you see this as a false distinction?
Geller: The ad doesn't mention Muslims at all. The idea that it impugns the character of all Muslims is a fiction invented by enemies of free speech such as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The ad mentions jihad. It is asking people to oppose those who commit jihad attacks against innocent civilians, and those who celebrate the attackers as heroes. All jihad terrorists are Muslims, but not all Muslims are jihad terrorists. So why should any Muslim who opposes jihad feel his character impugned?
Shaun Tandon: One member of Congress, Representative Honda of California, today called for a boycott of the WMATA due to the advertisement. Do you have any reaction to the boycott call?
Geller: Mike Honda's notorious anti-national security sentiments are well known. Honda has opposed Representative King's efforts to investigate jihad activity in U.S. Muslim communities. We are facing opposition from elected officials who have aligned themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S., and with those who would undermine national security. I hope Honda's constituents realize on election day how he is carrying water for Islamic supremacist enemies of free speech.
Here's what Tandon of the AFP ran:
Anti-jihad ads raise controversy on DC subway by Shaun Tandon (AFP)
WASHINGTON — A US lawmaker called Wednesday for a boycott of public transit systems in Washington and other cities running an advertisement by a pro-Israel group that calls Muslim radicals "savages."
The advertisements, which have also run on trains in New York and buses in San Francisco, went up this week at four stations in the US capital area after a federal judge ruled that the group enjoyed a right to free speech.
Citing security concerns, the operator of the Metro had sought to delay the billboards, which read: "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad."
Representative Mike Honda, a Democrat from California, said he supported the US Constitution's guarantee of free speech and understood the court order for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to run the advertisements.
But "the right to not support hate speech is also a right, which is why I encourage people to boycott, if possible, WMATA" and public transit in other places, such as New York City, where the ad is running until the ad buys are finished, Honda said in a statement.
"We do not have to support hate speech," he added.
Honda, who as a child was interned at a camp due to his Japanese ancestry, said he took the issue "very personally" because he remembered the "hateful billboards and caricatures that equated Japanese Americans to savages" during World War II.
"We learn from history that hate speech and hysteria have dire consequences, the result of societal complacency, failed political leadership and the lack of courage to stand up and speak out against hate," he said.
Pamela Geller, executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the group that is running the advertisement, rejected charges that it impugned the character of all Muslims, saying that it "doesn't mention Muslims at all."
"The ad mentions jihad. It is asking people to oppose those who commit jihad attacks against innocent civilians, and those who celebrate the attackers as heroes," she said.
"All jihad terrorists are Muslims, but not all Muslims are jihad terrorists. So why should any Muslim who opposes jihad feel his character impugned?" she said.
Geller has been criticized by the Anti-Defamation League, the most prominent US advocacy group against anti-Semitism, which has accused her of "virulent anti-Muslim bigotry and conspiracy theories."
Seeking the delay in court, the Metro operator had voiced concern about running the billboards in the wake of anti-US attacks in the Islamic world that followed the release of an amateurish video that mocked Islam.
A spokesman for the transit authority declined comment on the boycott call, saying that the operator had nothing to say about the advertisements beyond statements in court.
A coalition of groups including the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Council on American-Islamic Relations has called on the transit authority to offer free space for "counter ads focused on promoting understanding and tolerance."
In New York, where the Metropolitan Transportation Authority also did not want to run the advertisement, self-described liberal Muslim writer Mona Eltahawy was arrested for spray-painting one ad in what she called an example of non-violent protest.

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