Terrorism - How Russia is Using Islam to Build Communism

The Russian communists flooded anti- Israel and anti- American propaganda into Muslim nations in the 80's and 90's and look what we now have, radicals who hate Israel and America. What nation supplies the vast amount of training and the vast amount of arms to the radical Muslims?  Answer; Russia and China.  
Take Allah out of the equation of Islam and what you have left is pure Communism; the total subjugation and tyrannical control of the people.  Is it any wonder therefore that under the Obama regime (and all his "czars") we have moved closer and closer to a Fascist, Marxist, Corporatist nation, all the while we don't seriously defeat terrorism (often on patrol in Afghanistan our troops are not allowed to have bullets in their weapons) but we do collude and conspire with the enemy inside the Obama regime?  - W.E.


Art Thompson discusses and provides evidence for how Russia is using Islamic terrorism to build Communism and how communism is providing weapons and training to support Islamic governments.

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