Trump and Hannity Discuss Obama's Forged Birth Certificate And Missing College Records

Why, at this late stage of Obama's 1st term do we still need to proclaim to the world that Obama is not who he claims to be?  If he wins, then it is still a major issue because the undocumented worker will still be making decisions for America and at the detriment of America. If he loses, it is still an issue of monumental proportions because he will have perpetrated perhaps the biggest fraud against American's in the history of the U.S., and every thing he has signed, everything he has help enact will very possibly become null and void, something the Supreme Court and We The People would have to decide.e   
People need to understand the illegality of this perpetrator to ensure it doesn't happen again.  Of course with radicals planted all over the Congress, Administration and Media, the task seems insurmountable without a major awakening in this country.  - W.E.


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