Will America need our Military to protect us from our own Government?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened in Benghazi lately.  If you haven’t heard you must be living under a rock, but I will give you a quick recap.
On the night of September 11, 2012 American Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty all died at the American Consulate in Benghazi and its annex when terrorists stormed the compound, shelled it to hell, poured diesel fuel into the safe area of the building, and lit the place on fire.  Here are their photos:

Chris Stevens

Tryone Woods

Glen Doherty

Sean Smith
All four of these beautiful humans died, without hope for survival, all because they were not sent the help when they asked for it, when they needed it most.  I am not going to detail all the political bullshit that surrounds this horrible massacre.  I will leave links at the bottom of this blog explaining things.  In short, President Obama lied to America on the day it happened, about what happened, about what he knew, and about what he did in the moments, days, and weeks after.
Instead I would like to focus on the human aspects surrounding the seven hours of hell these men went through, and how it can affect the rest of us.
If you can, put yourself in these brave men’s shoes.  You are in a hostile part of the world.  You had previously asked for more security as it seemed an attack was imminent.  You go to retire for the night after having done a day’s work.  All the sudden you are getting shot at, shelled at.  The building you are in is being doused with fuel and lit on fire.  You follow protocol, as they did, and sent out messages pleading for help.  You are told three times that none would come.  [Actually, we don't know if they ever received communication back regarding their pleas for help.  All we know is requests for help were refused three times.]  No one is coming to your aide.  The smoke is coming in. You get on the floor and try to breathe.  You finally suffocate and die.  Your attackers then take your body and drag it around the streets while chanting anti-America sentiments.  They take pictures of your dead body and spread it around the internet so the family of the fallen can see.
Or you are on top of the building being shelled, bravely trying to take out as many of the enemy as you can.  You hope and pray help will come soon.  It doesn’t.  A huge mortar hits the top of the building and you are blown to pieces.
Help never came.  You were left alone to die.  Now your family has to lament your deaths, and wonder about what your final moments were like.
Were they afraid?  Confused?  Angry?  Did they cry out in pain?  Or just cry?  Did they know that horrible night was going to be the last one of their lives?  Did they have time to say a final prayer, or a final goodbye to their families?  What flashed before their eyes?  Did they feel betrayed?  Did they feel pain?  Did they lose hope, or did they remain hopeful that someone, anyone would come and help?
And what about us now?  Can we depend on our current President to send help to US if WE are in trouble?  Or will he also tell our military to STAND DOWN?
I am a parent of a beautiful son.  I cant help but put myself in the shoes of these brave men’s parents.  All I could imagine thinking is, “My son, my beautiful son.  Why did this happen to my beautiful beautiful son?  How could this happen?  Why didn’t someone do something?”
Losing a family member you love is a very hard thing.  I know because I lost a brother years ago in a horrible car accident.  It took me at least a year before I felt fully functional again.  I had to go through all the seasons, all the celebrations, birthday, etc. before I could move on and start building new memories.  I still don’t feel like I did before it happened.  I guess you never really forget.  Not sure if you can ever really get over it.  You just learn to live with a new normal.
What happened to my brother is one thing.  Horrible yes, but we had answers.  We know why it happened.  There aren’t any unanswered questions.  He was driving too fast and hit a tree.  His soul rests in peace.
With the four men above, how can their families heal?  They were lied to in the beginning about the cause of the attacks.  They are still being lied to.  There are too many unanswered questions.  Why wasn’t help sent?  Why did President Obama and his administration lie about what caused the attack?  Why do they continue to lie about what they knew and when they knew it?  Why were the people on the ground refused help three times?  Why does most of mainstream media refuse to cover this?  The only news outlet that has not shied away from the topic of Benghazi is FOX.  NBC has been the most silent, but all the other alphabet news networks have not revealed the truths that are now coming out about how Obama lied about what he knew and when, and continues to lie, or just not answer questions about why help was denied and people on the ground wanting to send help were told to stand down THREE TIMES!
I mean this with all my heart and sincerity.  I feel for the families of these fallen men.  I don’t know how they are going to heal.  They will probably never have their questions answered as Obama has already began the paperwork to classify all documents related to Benghazi Top Secret.
I have thought often of these men pictured above.  I have said private prayers for their souls, and for their families, that somehow they can find peace.  I wish there was more I can do, but all I have right now is this crappy little blog for which to convey my sentiments. I have nothing more to say that is of any value aside from:
Will America need our Military to protect us from our own Government?
Mr. President, they KNOW!

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