How happy Russia and their surrogates must be to know their efforts are now legal, at least as far as marijuana goes in three states. 
Surely more states will follow.  America continues to willingly "dumb-down" ourselves with drug use, willingly "walking the plank" into the global new communist order, making Huxley's quote ominously prophetic: "People can actually be made to LOVE their servitude."

We don't see the battle clearly because we don't have all the pieces to the puzzle. The information in this video will give you enough pieces to begin to draw some conclusions.    

The average person really has a limited idea regarding the amount of corruption inside of America or around the world. The entire banking system, world-wide is rife with corruption banking trillions of dollars to the elite is one example. Organized crime has made money in the trillions as well, all around the world, but we know very little of this. 

So it is not surprising the perhaps the greatest deception of the average American is that Americans by and large are mostly and purposely in the dark about the fact that Communism is alive and well here in America and that Communists conspired 65 years ago to destroy the youth of America. That plan is working to perfection. 

Joseph D. Douglass, PHD., a national security analyst and author with expertise in defence policy, threat assessment, deception, intelligence and political warfare wrote what could be considered a classic on this subject in his book, "Red Cocaine".  
He chronicled information he gathered first hand from Major General Jan Sejna, a defector who had fled from Czechoslovakia to the US in 1968.  

Some of the things Douglass brings to light are:  
  • How Communist China under Mao, followed shortly after by Russia's Stalin to push drugs on American youth in order to destroy our nations moral fiber. 
  • How Russia recruited, trained and deployed some 25,000 drug traffickers by the mid-eighties. They were literally trained in Russia on the "skills" needed to be a "good drug trafficker" and then deployed them around the world. Though we can't be sure, it is likely that this going on still to this day. 
  • How the Russians could create a "pink epidemic". (Pink being the color combination of red of communism and white cocaine) Building the Latin America cocaine network in Columbia, Bolivia and Peru which began in 1967. 
  • Communists would later target not only youth but other sectors of America including the military, high-tech middle management and inner-city minorities. 
  • The Conspiracy of Silence, Why politicians, academics, media and others are silent

According to Douglass Russia uses "surrogates" to do their dirty work: 

"I was ordered to load up the United States with drugs"

"Drugs are considered the best way to destroy the United States. By undermining the will of the American youth, the enemy is destroyed without firing one bullet"

- Cuban Intelligence Officers

"Drugs were used as political weapons, the target was the youth of the United States"

- Nicaraguan Diplomat

There is more to this story  

Big Pharma, which in most instances is backed by large multinational corporations, have been "pushing" prescribed drugs for years now, onto doctors that push them onto patients, keeping adults and seniors medicated.  Often the proverbial "soccer moms" or Sunday school teachers find themselves addicted, and many zoned out to the point where getting through a day without "managed care" through powerful drugs is not the norm.  

According to government statistics, some 22.5 Million Americans use illicit drugs in America.

All of this affects society in a myriad of ways. Financially the government tells us that the annual cost of substance abuse on our nation in the year 2000 was $484 Billion dollars.

In 2009, our government estimated that some $40,000 people a year die from both legal and illicit drugs, and that is not something we can put a price-tag on. 

Our jails are filled with not just drug dealers, or buyers, but with people who made bad decisions because they were high.  

Speaking first hand, as a youth I was addicted to cocaine and spent too many years chasing that elusive high. I thank God that I will be "clean and sober" this Christmas day 28 years. Sadly, some of my friends were not so fortunate. 
Was I concerned about my country during that time? Was I concerned about my morals? Was I concerned about anything but getting that next high?  Not so much.  And that is exactly how the communists planned it. 
Which came first the supply or the demand?  Now we know, and without the supply, there would never have been such a demand. 



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