Mr. Fast and Furious himself and the head of the Dept. of Justice, ERIC HOLDER reports to one person, but the President of the United States, the illegal alien who just stole another election. Now, the two apparently, as you will see the proof yourself are arming terrorists and destroying the second amendment all in one nice neat plan. We have to ask why they want to arm terrorists in the United States??  Consider this, Obama is already arming  Al Qaeda over in Syria...which is what Benghazi was ultimately about. We have armed Mexican gang-lords (aka terrorists) that have killed at least two American's and countless Mexicans known as Fast and Furious. The administration is in bed in a big way, with the murderous Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama wedding ring is inscribed, "There is no God but Allah".  But America by and large can't seem to put the pieces together that the Fox is in the Hen House, and We The People are the hens that that Fox is any means necessary. Get ready America, change has come to you from within.  - W.E.


Proof!: DOJ Busy Destroying the 2nd Amend & Arming Terrorists!

Is the Federal government aiding and abetting terrorists within the United States? You be the judge. 
In April ATF made some peculiar changes in their form required for over the counter purchase of firearms, Form 4473, Firearms Transaction Record Part I- Over-the Counter. ATF requires firearm dealers to use this form for over the counter gun purchases and cites the reason for these changes to be an order by the Attorney General’s Office. 

These changes are stunning as they actually make it easier for transient aliens to purchase firearms than for US Citizens. Transient aliens will no longer be required to show any proof of residency and are not required to undergo the same rigorous background checks as citizens. What is the purpose of these changes you may ask? ATF asserts that these changes are necessary to prevent STATES from creating more stringent residency requirements on aliens than those of citizens, but I believe the evidence shows much more than that.
(Open Letter To All Federal Firearms Licensees, DOJ April 30, 2012)

Gun and ammunition dealers and law enforcement agents are no longer allowed to request proof of residency from ANY non-immigrant for authorization of shipping, transporting, possessing, or receiving “any firearm or ammunition”.
It is relevant to point out that this falls right in line with the recent Supreme Court ruling in Arizona. The Supreme Court, in this ruling gave greater protections to aliens, and the DOJ and ATF are falling right in line. (For further understanding of the Arizona ruling please read here)
Aliens with non-immigrant visas are just temporary visitors. They do not intend to obtain citizenship, express no intent to stay in this country for more than 90 days, make no application for visa, have made no profession of loyalty to the laws of this land, and have had no formal background checks. Have you tried to buy a firearm from a dealer or store lately? How many HOURS did it take you? I bought a .22 rifle built for young shooters and it took me an hour and 45 minutes just for the background checks (yes that is plural, checkS). With these new changes, the AG and ATF have made it easier for transient immigrants to buy guns and ammunition than for US Citizens. The ATF, in enforcing the AG’s standards, claims that the states have no right to do anything about this; the states cannot make more stringent requirements upon aliens than on citizens. However, there seems to be no problem making more stringent requirements upon citizens than on transient aliens.
(Open Letter To All Federal Firearms Licensees, DOJ April 30, 2012)
The changes made by ATF and DOJ should be even more alarming when we consider the Government Accountability Office report which criticizes our visa offices for “bickering over the degree of association with a terrorist that would make a visa applicant ineligible to enter the United States.” Our government is authorizing visas to people with KNOWN terrorist affiliations and then making it easier for them to buy, ship, and transport firearms and ammunition than for our own citizens!
Another interesting change in form 4473 occurs in section 10. The updated form adds a new section and a separate question regarding ethnicity, to distinguish Hispanic or Latinos from all other races. This is in addition to the new section 10-b that requires the person to identify race, giving 5 choices.
The original form looks like this:
The changed form looks like this:      
What is the justification for this change? How does a separate distinction between Hispanics and non-Hispanics meet the intent of the Gun Control Act as claimed by the AG? What is the purpose of making this distinction? It is interesting to note that there is no box for “Arab or Middle Eastern” and no box for “Other.” The choices are so specific, how would someone answer that question if they were from Iraq or Israel or Pakistan?

Have we just uncovered the DOJ’s American version of gun running? 
Is this how they are arming our enemies within? Why else would they make it so easy for aliens with known terrorist affiliations to remain in this country and then make it so easy for them buy, possess, and ship firearms?  

We must know that this will only serve to dilute our 2nd Amendment rights, or at least provide gun hating legislators and organizations with the ammunition to try.      
The AG has made it a point to tell us what they believe Congress’s intent is with immigrant aliens and the Gun Control Act. It would seem that it is inherent upon Congress to respond and correct them. Will the AG’s understandings ever be challenged? It is unlikely when the corrections are generally issued by the Department of Justice against the Department of Justice; the agency governing itself. If we make Congress aware of these changes, they will have the opportunity to stop the “lawful” arming of terrorists in this nation. Will they do their job, or do we have to wait for another tragedy?

"Nothing can be more truly Machiavellian in our Ministry than their first endeavoring to sap the liberties of our settlements abroad. Every act, however injurious to freedom, loses its horror by repetition. Thus by progressive steps, and the pleading of precedents, we may expect shortly to see all of our most valuable privileges taken away from us, without so much as feeling their loss, till their restoration is irremediable.” The Kentish Gazette, British Newspaper June 11, 1774.
***NOTE~ This is a summary of my 6 page report. To view the entire report, please go here.

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