Born A Brit Not Legit Billboard Campaign Now In Full Swing: First Press Coverage...


Phase 2: I'm going to keep this short and to the point. Since the media refuses to report the real issue surrounding Obama's constitutional eligibility it is time to take our message directly to the American People that have been misled by the media's lies and non-reporting. The American People must be informed about the true nature of Obama's eligibility and document fraud.

I am pleased to announce that two billboards are now erected in Washingtonville, PA., named after our first constitutionally eligible president, that boldly lay out Obama's real problems. The billboards speak for themselves and they're already making an impact in the community. The space and installation for the billboards were provided by small business owner Michael Volin ( who runs Derry Beverage right on route 54 at the intersection of route 254. The ORYR side of the billboard was paid for by a loyal reader of this site, who wishes to remain anonymous, and I covered the cost of the LTC Terry Lakin side. The ORYR art work was produced by Pixel Patriot and the LTC Lakin art was provided by

I would like to have more billboards erected in other states. The only way this will be possible is if people help contribute funds to have more put up. Leased billboard space is not cheap but there are ways to bypass the high costs of leasing space. If business owners or private property owners would be willing to donate space for a billboard that would cut the costs extensively.

Wouldn't it be great to have one of the bold messages below plastered outside of CNN headquarters in Atlanta? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.. You can contribute using the Paypal link posted below the billboards. Suggestions can be sent to . I have directed the web address to forward to this billboard web page. Please spread it far and wide.

Note: the reason for so much information on the ORYR side was to attract people to actually stop and read the content. Michael informed me that it is working as people are driving by and turning around to actually pull in and get out and read and take pictures of the billboards. The largest newspaper outlet in the area was informed of the billboard by a motorist the day it was erected, hence the front page coverage of the billboard. The local press appear to be just like the big dogs, they only mention the birth certificate.

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