My take on the interview by Jesse Watters, Producer of the "O'Reilly Factor" with a Soetoro's classmate
Bill O'Reilly is one of two anchors (the other being Geraldo Rivera) that seem to be the mouthpiece at FOX to go out of their way to ridicule "birthers" as being either dumb or misinformed while at the same time they ignore ALL of the investigatory evidence that Sheriff Joe has brought forth.  This time, he used Watters on his show to defend Barry. 
Obama's former classmate's opinion that Obama and his family were global-minded people and the school the school that Obama's family enrolled him in also apparently taught from that perspective smacks of Barry having been groomed in life.                  
"He (Barry Soetoro) and his family really embodied that (Globalism) in the beginning, whether Punahou added a lot to it or not, but I can say that um, in particular the Punahou curriculum in the seventies was extremely focused on building global citizens. That was the goal."
The interview was contrived. Obama's classmate GUSHED over Obama. But that isn't what made it seem contrived to me.  That honor is bestowed because of the source behind the interview (O'Reilly) and then somehow the classmate knew that Obama's birth certificate number was in a certain order with two other twins' birth certificate that went to the same school?  Really, so she saw Obama's original birth certificate and compared it with the twins birth certificate? A little odd isn't it?                                            
"What was even funnier, our classmates, we have twins in our class, they were born right before him. Literally their numbers in that hospital were right before his and their mother knew the doctor who delivered him so we all felt that that was an extremely sort of useless debate".
Then she goes on to mention how "flimsy" those birth certificates were and we are supposed to believe that no one in their right mind would keep an original. We are left with the idea that back in the sixties they produced birth certificates on rice paper and "blackened out" rice paper at that.
"If you happened to have kept the original one, which it's a very thin, extremely blackened out piece of paper with you know, its very fragile.."
And of course, what anti-"birther" report would be complete without conveying the message that "birthers" are to be ridiculed: 
"I thought it was the most ridiculous debate I'd ever seen"
 - W.E. 
Watch the interview yourself: 

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