NWO IN FULL CONTROL: Judge Rejects (Again) Birther Challenge

There is no such thing as a fair hearing when it comes to Obama and especially when it comes to Obama's eligibility. 
If Obama has nothing to hide, he would simply answer the allegations against him, explain the numerous inconsistencies and be done with it.  Instead, Obama is paying (or someone, like the taxpayer) millions of dollars to continue this charade.  
Should a State Court actually agree to hear the case, expect something to happen to interfere with the Judge being able to make it to the court room for whatever reason needing to be replaced, and we would be back at square one. 
Friends, take a look at Fast and Furious, take a look at Benghazi...nothing sticks. 
Take a look at Obamacare and the alleged most conservative member of SCOTUS rules it a TAX and it somehow almost magically passes.  
Take a look at the man's radical past and his associations, take a look at what he is doing to this country on numerous fronts and ask yourself why does NOTHING stick?  Obama has ties to the radical and murderous Muslim Brotherhood, even has them operating in plain view inside the State Department.  By their own documentation that our FBI confiscated are planning to infiltrate the U.S. Government, and apparently have done just that.
Let me submit to you that what we are missing is what is happening behind the scenes and this is nothing short of a stealth coup de' tat. Our nation is being stolen from us and right under our noses.  When enough American's wake up, the Prison they are building for the non-compliant will be fully functional and it is pretty close now. 
Complicit media? Yes. Complicit members of Congress such as the Progressive Caucus? Of course. Are NGO's like ACORN or the Apollo Alliance, SEIU and various other Unions working against the values of this nation in a way that is destructive to America as a whole? Absolutely. What about Multi-National banks and global organizations like Morgan-Chase, Goldman Sachs, the FED, the Trilatteral Commission, along with the Mother of them all, the United Nations?  Are they too working within a framework that pushes policies and change on America that is also destructive to the values and very infrastructure of our nation? 

When we connect the dots, we can see that  Government, Media, Corporations, and Global networks are all working to:
  • Destroy Capitalism (Economy)
  • Destroy the Constitution (Government) 
  • Destroy Christianity (Religion)
But it is more than this.  
It isn't that they simply want to destroy these three main pillars of America, but they want to collapse them in order to bring in three new ones: 
  • A One World Economy
  • A One World Government 
  • A One World Religion  
This is the NWO. I prefer calling it the coming Antichrist system.  No, not everyone, inside of these aforementioned organizations understands all of this or even most of this.  That is part of the evil genius if you will, of this devious plan.  They don't need to know, they are simply pawns and they all play a role for the Puppet Master and that person has yet to be revealed.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  
A federal judge in Sacramento has rejected a challenge by so-called “birthers” seeking to halt the counting of Electoral College votes for President Barack Obama.
U.S. District Court Judge Morrison C. England on Thursday rejected a petition for a temporary restraining order filed by Orly Taitz, an attorney who has lost challenges in several states seeking to overturn Obama’s election.

SOURCE: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/20130103_Judge_rejects_birther_challenge_to_electoral_count.html
MORE AP DETAILS: The judge said the petition did not meet the basic requirements for a restraining order, including that attorneys prove their case is likely to succeed at a trial, and said the plaintiffs lacked standing, failed to submit legal documents on time and had made unsupported claims. "The state of Hawaii has already certified all of this to be not true," the judge said.
CONTINUED HERE: http://www.auburnjournal.com/article/judge-rejects-birther-challenge-presidential-electoral-count
MORE: The Sacramento Bee's take here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/01/03/5091099/orly-taitzs-obama-birther-claims.html
PREVIOUS REPORT: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2012/12/attorney-files-motion-for-contempt-of-court-against-obama.html

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