Obama: 'I Am Not a King'

No, he is not a king, not even a legal law abiding president, but he sure does act like a dictator. - W.E.


It's good to be king—or at least the man who has to deny being one.

In an interview with the leading Hispanic network Univision, President Barack Obama stated, “I think it’s important to remind everybody that, what I’ve said previously, I am not a king, I am head of the executive branch of government. I am required to follow the law, and that is what we’ve done.”

Just last week, a federal court ruled that Obama unconstitutionally made recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and bypassed the Senate. 
The Obama administration has also refused to enforce laws requiring the deportation 800,000 illegal aliens and stopped defending the Defense of Marriage Act while it remains federal law. 
The Obama White House forced Chrysler’s secured creditors to take 30 cents on the dollar, even though they were entitled to “absolute priority,” while labor unions who were junior creditors received a larger return, violating bankruptcy law and the Constitution’s Takings and Due Process Clauses.
The President's administration fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin without 30 days' notice, violating the Inspector General Reform Act of 2008, which Obama himself co-sponsored while still a Senator.

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