Protest Planned At Inauguration Over Obama’s Stolen Identity

This would be a great time and place for lovers of Liberty to take a stand, pray and speak out!   
- W.E.


Those who support Attorney Orly Taitz’s challenge to Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as President are being urged to protest peacefully at inauguration proceedings on January 21,(the MLK,Jr. holiday,) and in front of the Supreme Court itself on February 15th when Justices will decide the merits of the challenge.  
Those making this unnecessary plea seem to forget that conservatives are always peaceful,even when confronted with the most inexcusable of antics by the other side.
“Well done,Doctor and good luck,” says licensed private investigator Neil Sankey to Orly Taitz on her website.  “I will walk there if necessary and if you need me,” he adds,offering his services during the upcoming Court conference.  Along with private investigator Susan Daniels,Sankey generated a large public,social security database in a lengthy research project titled “List of Properties associated with Barack Obama and his family.”  The powerhouse conservative blog Coach is Right  posted the details of this story on April 10,2011,writing:“Barack Obama reportedly has 27 different social security numbers under 21 different personal and/or familial name variations in 22 different states plus the District of Columbia.”
Though Sankey is hardly likely to be part of the Court proceedings,he speaks for countless Americans outraged that the executive authority of the United States has been usurped by an individual clearly unqualified to hold the nation’s highest office.
Harlem Pastor James David Manning is convinced that,“Character matters.  Nobody talks about this…the fact that the Illinois State Bar ruled Obama is not fit to practice law and disbarred him!”  Calling it beyond outrageous,Rev. Manning wonders how American citizens could allow the man to serve as President.
Beginning with the February 2012 ruling of Georgia judge Michael Malihi—a ruling based neither in law nor fact—Barack Obama has been carefully ushered through an extra-legal judicial process designed to keep him ensconced in the White House.  State and federal law has been ignored and the Constitution thrown aside in perhaps the most disgraceful abuse of the public trust in the nation’s history.
A week ago,Florida Circuit Judge Kevin Carroll denied plaintiff Michael Voeltz’s challenge to Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility,setting aside Florida statute in the process! In fact,rather than deal with what he found to be some very inconvenient Florida law,the judge chose to base his decision on a movie script as he paraphrased a scene from Miracle on 34th Street:  “The fictional Judge Henry X. Harper from New York declares this man to be president,this court will not dispute it,” ruled Carroll. The laws of the land,even the Constitution,have become objects of mockery and derision to those charged with holding such things in the highest regard.
On February 15th,the nine justices of the Supreme Court will decide if the Taitz challenge of Noonan et al v. Bowen may proceed. It was Chief Justice John Roberts himself who decided to afford the Court this opportunity to decide an issue summarily dismissed by other judges in lesser courts.
Right now,only people like Neil Sankey,Susan Daniels and David Manning appear interested in the law,the Constitution or the nation. We’ll see what the Court decides.

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