Supreme Court To Hear Obama Eligibility Case Feb 15th

Something tells me that Ms. Taitz is not on Barry's Christmas card list anymore. This women is tenacious and her efforts to dethrone King Obama, nothing short of legendary. 
I don't know exactly what Barry has on Supreme Justice John Roberts, but apparently he has something on the man who amazingly sided in favor of the "Affordable Health Care Act" because although it was not argued as such, he in all of his infinite wisdom declared it a tax.  So what legal maneuvering will the Justices use to declare Barry's citizenship authentic?  I don't know, but I smell a rat. Actually, I smell a couple of rats.  I think Barry would like to have this issue not follow him around for 4 more years and called in another favor from the Supreme Court who will, like all of the lower courts, rule in Obama's favor.  
No matter.  There is another Day of Reckoning that is coming one day, and on THAT DAY the guilty will not stand. - W.E.

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