The continued press to make America nothing more than a giant Police State continues. 
Just connect the dots. 
The more you read and research the more the evidence shows that America is on a course where citizens are becoming mere cattle to be herded, where technology inside of devices such as cell phones and cars (AND ONE DAY EMBEDDED IN YOU) track and monitor where we are and what we say, what we buy, what our political persuasions are, etc. Video monitoring abounds and is growing.  Our social media and our emails are tracked.  Our voting booths are no longer sacrosanct but deceptively flawed to the point that free elections, like a free press must be seriously questioned.  

 Washington's new massive snooping plan – 'biosurveillance': "Barack Obama announced today the next phase of government national surveillance – with a budget of billions. It’s called 'the National Strategy for Biosurveillance.' But, don’t worry, it’s all for the public good.... Early threat detection and sustained situational awareness are critical to saving lives and improving outcomes when there is a national health emergency. The... National Strategy for Biosurveillance aims to unify national effort around a common purpose and establish new ways of thinking about providing information to enable better decision-making.... But what does it all mean? ...BioWatch has already cost the U.S. taxpayers approximately $1 billion. The next phase expected to cost $3.1 billion over the next five years."

 64 Drone Bases on American Soil [with map showing their locations]: "The possibility of military drones (as well as those controlled by police departments and universities) flying over American skies have raised concerns among privacy activists. As the American Civil Liberties Union explained in its December 2011 report, the machines potentially could be used to spy on American citizens. The drones’ presence in our skies 'threatens to eradicate existing practical limits on aerial monitoring and allow for pervasive surveillance, police fishing expeditions, and abusive use of these tools in a way that could eventually eliminate the privacy Americans have traditionally enjoyed in their movements and activities.'" See Homeland Security

 According to RT, a new surveillance system is already operating in major cities from coast to coast....

"Since its inception, TrapWire has been implemented in most major American cities at selected high value targets (HVTs) and has appeared abroad as well. The iWatch monitoring system adopted by the Los Angeles Police Department (pdf) works in conjunction with TrapWire, as does the District of Columbia and the 'See Something, Say Something' program conducted by law enforcement in New York City, which had 500 surveillance cameras linked to the system in 2010. "Private properties including Las Vegas, Nevada casinos have subscribed to the system. The State of Texas reportedly spent half a million dollars with an additional annual licensing fee of $150,000 to employ TrapWire, and the Pentagon and other military facilities have allegedly signed on as well."
Did you know that the government actually sets up fake cell phone towers that can intercept your cell phone calls?  The following is how a recent Wired article described these “stingrays”….
You make a call on your cellphone thinking the only thing standing between you and the recipient of your call is your carrier’s cellphone tower. In fact, that tower your phone is connecting to just might be a boobytrap set up by law enforcement to ensnare your phone signals and maybe even the content of your calls. So-called stingrays are one of the new high-tech tools that authorities are using to track and identify you. The devices, about the size of a suitcase, spoof a legitimate cellphone tower in order to trick nearby cellphones and other wireless communication devices into connecting to the tower, as they would to a real cellphone tower. The government maintains that the stingrays don’t violate Fourth Amendment rights, since Americans don’t have a legitimate expectation of privacy for data sent from their mobile phones and other wireless devices to a cell tower.
The news media pretends to be "fair and balanced" yet the national discourse is not organic, the media guides it to what appears to be agenda driven news.  They sway public opinion towards leftist ideology that questions and chips away at the three things that this nation was built upon and sustained itself upon for over 200 years, I think of them as the "three C's": 
Constitution (Government)
Capitalism (Economy)
Christianity (Religion) 
The mass media at large; movies, music, gaming blusters with sexual perversion, violence and occult symbolism swaying the masses towards an abiding secularism and occultism that is now rampant inside the minds of our youth that includes a heavy dose of "the government knows best" and "the government will take care of you" propaganda.  
America citizens en-mass are dredging along the best they can, suffering from what we are "sold" from Big Government, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Business, i.e.,  disinformation, deception, drugs and the illusion of the normalcy bias that tempts us to say "we will get through this one too, everything will just be okay".   
More and more, people are waking up although even for those of us who are awake, no plan seems to be in place that operates outside of the current paradigm.  "We must vote them out", "We must vote them in" seems to be the best we can conjure, as I already stated, that game has been proven to be rigged. 
If that is the case, what is left for options to get us out of the mire we are in? 

The war that rages is for the hearts and minds of American's to give up our sovereignty and our antiquated religion, to let our constitution "evolve" and trust the government to "spread the wealth around"
I don't believe this is a war that can be won by the sword, although I reserve the right to be wrong in this matter nor am I calling for one.   I say it and believe it because due to technology, we are already surrounded.  Most skirmishes, and certainly any large scale uprising would be known about in advance or certainly as soon as it begins because we are that closely monitored and it would be squashed.  To think other wise seems foolish. 
The one exception that I can think of would be a military coup to arrest the infiltrators inside of government and restore the constitution. Are their such leaders inside of our military right now?  Certainly those leaders, like retired General Jerry Boykin understand the threat we now face from our own government. But I am not naive enough to believe that the infiltrators behind the coup to take over this nation don't know this as well and are prepared for it, and in fact, Obama has been "purging military command" since at least November and probably earlier. 
Am I the only one who sees America with her back against the wall?  Have you considered perhaps that is just the way that Almighty God wants it, for our good and his glory. 
I am one who believes the war must be waged on our knees and that we are living in prophetic times.   A campaign to humble ourselves before the God of the Universe, the Prince of Peace is the surest to victory.  Until He comes, we must continue to use our voice for the good, to pray, to fast, to love and to change the hearts of wicked men, one soul at a time through the power of the gospel.  - W.E

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