Globalist John Kerry Gives First Speech as Secretary of State to Push Global Warming Tax (Video)

This is what globalist and whack job progressives do.  They lie to push their radical agenda of a NWO where the serfs pay carbon credits to the elite for the honor and permission to breath. And oh yeah, as we have seen with Al (qaeda) Gore, the rules do not apply to them.   If they are feeling the heat these days, it is their conscience's being seared, as with a hot iron.  - W.E.


These people are insane!
They won’t stop until we’re all living in mud huts.
John F. Kerry used his first major speech as US Secretary of State to push a global warming junk science tax.
Of course, the brain-washed kids at the university applauded wildly.
Wait til they can’t find a job.

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