Judge Sanders: No Proof Obama's Birth Certificate & Social Security Number Are Legit

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Judge Sanders is backed into a corner and is forced to admit what everyone else can see so clearly- the lawsuit brought before the Washington State Supreme Court did not receive a hearing, much less a fair hearing at all..yet it was ruled a frivolous lawsuit and the plaintiff in the case has to pay attorney's fees of 13K....despite the fact that the State Attorney only submitted 4K as his fee.  If the charge that Obama's birth certificate and SS# is so "frivolous" why does it cost even 4 thousand dollars, much less 13 thousand dollars to have it thrown out of court? 
This is simply infuriating.  
Parts 3 and 4 are a lesson in how government has no common sense and is broken.  Linda Jordan, a true patriot is being railroaded by Barack Obama and the good old boy network in the State of Washington court system. - W.E.


Fmr. WA Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders: Obama Eligibility Challenger Being Hammered; Argued Properly Obama Eligibility Case Not Frivolous; No Proof Obama's Birth Certificate & Social Security Number Are Legitimate
- Interview aired 2/10/2013 on the Logos Radio Network hosted by Gary Johnson -

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