Citgo Flies American Flag at Half-Staff to Mourn Hugo Chavez

Citgo Houston Offices March 6, 2013 – American Flag Flies at Half-Staff in Memory of the Life and Death of Hugo Chavez

The Houston Citgo office is flying the U.S. flag at half-staff in memoriam to the life and death of dictator, Hugo Chavez – not just the Citgo flag or the Venezuelan flag, but the American flag. 
Yes, Venezuela owns Citgo, but then they “own” the 11 oil rigs they nationalized (stole) belonging to Tulsa’s Helmerich and Payne, located in my city of Tulsa. Citgo sold half of its holdings to Petr├│leos de Venezuela in 1986 and the remainder in 1990. Chavez has a long history of nationalizing everything from oil, to cement, to glass, to steel, to rice, to grocery store and television stations. Citgo workers on American soil should demand, now, that the U.S. flag go back to it’s proper position, that of flying high. I don’t care what they do with the Citgo flag, but someone needs to get their patriotism (and good sense) on and raise the American flag. Hugo Chavez was no friend to the United States or any free people.

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