Bill O'Reilly To Glenn Beck: Initial Boston Bombing Suspect Member Of Saudi Royal Family - VIDEO

I know that there are a lot of O'Reilly fans on the right.   He can shout down people with the best of them, and generally speaking takes a conservative stance on most of the issues.  Let me stress MOST of the issues.  I am one who says, 'be careful not to assassinate our own', but this is a bit ridiculous.  Beck lays out serious evidence on a scale of a 8.0 on the Richter scale in the Boston Bombing- what is O'Reilly's response?  Is he flabbergasted and thankful for the revelation and promises to put his team on this immediately? Is he outraged at the lies and cover up?  No. O'Reilly is very casual, if it wasn't for the bright lights of the studio he may have dozed off....and once again we are left wondering what is wrong with the press?  I know what I believe, I know where the mounting evidence of the last several years leads, and it is right in the title of this blog.  We are an infiltrated nation and that includes the press and the government.  I am not saying O'Reilly is a patsy, but I am saying someone in management at FOX, like the rest of the mainstream media is allowing some news, and disallowing other news and O'Reilly goes right along with management, unwilling to disturb the status quo.  
This is NOT freedom of the press America. -W.E.  


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