Dr. Alan Keyes - "Obama is a Radical Communist - Will Destroy America!"

The video below is from 2009. Yes, I am still here, reminding and informing as many as possible that Obama is a usurper and for us to lose sight of this, and not to continue to tell others and letting this be our rally cry, I think would be an opportunity wasted. 
No one says it clearer or speaks with greater force and passion on this topic than Dr. Alan Keyes.  Please hear him. - W.E.

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Dr. Alan Keyes - Reagan Statesman, Constitutional Scholar - Staunch Conservative - Stead-fast Christian - Defender of the unborn, the newborn and the elderly -- telling it like it is about our current "President" and how he should not be the POTUS by the one governing law of this land - The United States Constitution.

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