Hawaii DOH's Loretta Fuddy Fingered In Obama Identity Document Fraud Scandal

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Go here for the entirety of the five part series, most of which is in PDF format:Butterdezillionsblog

The Putting-it-All-Together Series:
Part 1: HDOH Red Flags  http://butterdezillion.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/hdoh-red-flags.pdf  
Virginia Sunahara’s death certificate shows us not only that the HDOH is fabricating vital records, but that the subordinates ordered to do it are resisting by raising red flags in the forgeries they create. This is one of the central pieces to finishing this puzzle.
Part 2: Clue Number Two
 Four August 1961 BC#’s were changed by the HDOH, based on the BC numbering system documented by CDC records. Obama was given the BC# that originally belonged to the 3rd Honolulu birth after Gretchen Nordyke – almost certainly Stig Waidelich.
Part 3: The Law Enforcement Provision
The alteration of 4 out of the  6 disclosed August 1961 BC#’s (including one deceased infant) makes it almost certain that the HDOH shifted BC#’s in order to give Obama a new BC# on a BC created at the request of law enforcement and claiming whatever law enforcement said it should say. There is a BC in Hawaii that has the BC# 10641 and whatever law enforcement ordered it to say, for Obama’s safety. There is also the record that Obama originally had, which has a different BC# and reveals something so drastically different that law enforcement claimed that real record would put Obama’s life at risk. Either that, or the HDOH falsified at least 4 August 1961 BC#’s without even trying to legally justify it.
Part 4: Three Bizarre Events
Three events are bizarre unless you realize what was going on:
 1.       Abercrombie claimed an investigation of Obama’s birth record found something actually written down in the State Archives.
 2.       Mike Evans claimed Abercrombie told him he had gone to the hospitals with a search warrant, and there is no birth certificate or other evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii.
 3.       When the story of Evans’ claims went viral Abercrombie and AG Louie forced HDOH Director Palafox to resign and lied about it while anonymously threatening to investigate him for medical billing fraud. Three days later Palafox forced them to tell the truth about firing him by saying he didn’t know why he resigned.
I believe Palafox was the snag in the plan to create a new BC for Obama based on law enforcement saying it was necessary to protect Obama from those “crazy Arizona birthers”. Palafox wouldn’t create a new BC for Obama because the only record they had for Obama was non-valid and couldn’t legally be presumed as true, and the law only allows a new BC to be created for someone who was born in Hawaii. So Gov. Abercrombie and AG Louie got rid of Palafox and replaced him with Loretta Fuddy who (as we will see) proceeded to execute the plan – including (among other things) the unlawful shuffling of 4 August 1961 BC#’s in order to land Obama with a BC that claimed a Kapiolani Hospital birth and had the BC# that had been used on the forgery to sanitize Obama’s passport file 3 years earlier: Stig Waidelich’s.
Part Five: Fuddy Illegally Executes the Plan

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