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Sheriff Arpaio - Cold Case Posse Obama Fraud Case

Carl Gallups of PPSIMMONS and the Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups Radio Program reports that he just had a lengthy conversation with Lt. Mike Zullo, lead investigator in the Obama Fraud case. Gallups says that there is late breaking news in the rapidly growing movement for a potential prosecution of this matter.

As we have been reporting, Zullo expects several VIPS to bring this case to public light in the very near future. Not only is the case expected to be soon brought to national attention but also there is a strong movement towards the prosecution of the case. Also, as reported just days ago,  Zullo was recently contacted by a large group of VIPS who wish to see all the evidence of the Arpaio Obama Fraud investigation. These VIPS can be hugely instrumental in galvanizing nation-wide support in pushing the prosecution of the case forward. Lt. Zullo is now slated to present the case to this group of VIPS. That is what has been happening in just the last week or two.
But hang on - it gets better!

Just this evening, Lt. Zullo reports that ANOTHER two groups of VIPS have asked to meet with him and want to see the evidence as well. These VIPS also are directly connected to people who can bring the case to the prosecution level and are extremely anxious to get something moving on the case - and soon!

As I was in the process of taking this interview information from Carl Gallups, Lt. Zullo contacted Gallups by phone and indicated that he just, at that very moment, had received information that arrangements were being made for him to present his investigation information to yet ANOTHER group of some of the most powerful VIPS yet. These VIPS would also be interested in quickly moving the case forward once they have seen the evidence.  It seems that there is now the snow-ball/avalanche effect taking place that Carl Gallups predicted in an earlier interview some time back.Gallups indicated that all of the VIPS and the various groups are from different areas of the country. Gallups says, "This is really becoming a nation-wide phenomenon."

All of these meetings, evidence presentations, VIP promises, and VIP involvement are the result of Zullo and Gallups' trip to CPAC and Washington D.C. a few months back. Both Zullo and Gallups express their desire to sincerely thank the listeners of Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups and the fans and subscribers of the PPSIMMONS news and ministry sites for their support, encouragement, and prayers. Again, Gallups asked that we at PPSIMMONS relate how important it is the people be patient with this process.

Gallups said, "We are closer now than ever before in finally seeing this important matter of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people come to light. It will come to light. Perhaps it will soon be brought to a federal level of criminal prosecution. Pray that brave men and women of America who have the standing to actually do something will find the fortitude to stand up for the Constitutional Republic of America. Please be patient. I know that people are anxious. But, we must remember that there has been a complete media black out and shut down of information in this matter for the last 5 years. All of that is getting ready to change - soon. It has been a long time coming - but it will come."

Gallups and Zullo expect these newest meetings and evidence presentations to take place over the next month or two - some within mere weeks.

Gallups added this important point, "The Obamabots are going crazy over all this. They are in a panic. They desperately want to know the 'details' (names, places, times, groups, players, etc.) so that they might start a disinformation campaign. Mike Zullo and I are smarter than that. We will not release details. Nothing we are saying is untrue. There are now many people coming on board, some are coming on board in groups. Money and power talk - money and power are now finally getting involved. Sincere patriots understand these things. You can trust us in this matter. If for some unforeseen reason these events and promises are not carried through  - Mike and I will eventually let everyone know all the details of this matter so that our integrity is protected. In the meantime - it is looking highly possible that we won't have to worry about that. Soon - everyone will know!"

NOTE: As in previous posts, Gallups defines "VIPs" as people of 'standing'. Gallups says, "these are people who can get things done directly or have direct contact and influence with people who can get things done at the prosecution level. A VIP may be an appropriate state or federal official who has constitutional authority to move this case forward. It also may include certain state and/or federal law enforcement and court officials who have the ability to directly or indirectly intervene in this matter. Mike Zullo and I are not spending time at this point in the case with anyone except VIPs of this nature. We are ready for this matter to come to a head."

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