Their is a war being waged against the American people and we are losing.  

Captured already:
  • The Executive Branch 
  • Major media, print, television, internet providers
  • Legislative Branch- Democratic Party, some Republicans
  • Judicial Branch- not sure if it is a majority yet, if not, will be soon.
  • Many Non-governmental Agencies- think George Soros
  • Unions-  I am talking leadership not your everyday union-worker
  • The Constitution-  Liberties are being dissolved slowly over decades years so most don't even know.
  • Educational System-  Many colleges, curriculum from K-12th grade of government schools, rewriting history and dumbing down America.
  • American Morality- Thanks to Hollywood and the purveyors of smut, our nation in a large way has lost its moral compass. Please don't think this is by accident, this has been the plan. Drugs, crime, pornography are rampant. 
  • Many Churches-  If not teaching another gospel, the churches for the most part are silent, convinced they should not rock the boat for fear of losing a tax exemption, or fear of being ridiculed by the Alinsky tactics of the Progressive/Communists.
I am not trying to be melodramatic.
This video must be watched by millions of Americans including Local, State and Federal officials, Sheriff Departments, Tea Party and all patriotic and para-military groups, local media outlets, message boards, FB friends, twitter friends, all on your email list. We must recruit people into this battle and organize.  America's planned destruction is obviously far along and moving forward at break-neck speed yet we out number them, we surround them.  Our ignorance and deception is their strength. It is up to each of us to do our part.  Please don't assume someone else will make a difference because they won't.  This is our time, our hour, our battle to engage.  God's battle to win. 
Godspeed to you.

Source: Commieblaster.com

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