Other Countries Hang Terrorists, We Make Them Educators

Corruption runs blood red in this nation, in this administration and the stench surely must reach heaven. Up is now down, right is now wrong, decent people are considered racists and the criminals drive in motorcades and vote themselves raises.  Even a mediocre media would have run these thugs out of town a long time ago, but sadly that particular power center is in firm control of the wicked and corrupt too.  Where does this leave America?  Where does this leave you and me?  The consequences, the affects of these criminals has yet to reach full maturity. Surely our silence will only serve for them to see us as easy prey.  


Other countries execute people for terrorism, treason and murder, in the United States we make them respected educators and let them help write National Education Policy…  
Then wonder why our schools are mucked up
Most people know about Bill Ayer’s and his wife Bernadine Dohrn and there relationship to Obama..   Most of us know the former Terrorist was Professor of Education at the the University of Chicago..  How many know that Bernadine Dohn, once called the most dangerous woman in America by FBI Director J Edgar Hoover,  was an Clinical Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University..[?]
Less people would know the name Mike Klonsky. Klonsky was another former member of the 1960′s -70s movement to overthrow the government of the United States and replace it with a communist dictatorship. Ayers, Klonsky and Obama all had offices of the same floor of the same Chicago office building..  Obama used his position on various foundation boards to funnel millions of dollars to Klonsky.  Klonsky, Communist Chairman’s Mao’s favorite American was Obama’s education blogger briefly during his 2008 campaign..
Kathy Boudin, Terrorist and Murderer
Now a Professor
Most Americans have at least heard of ‘Hanoi Jane Fonda’ and her trip to Hanoi to show support for their war effort against America..  Not so many know about the guy who accompanied her there, and then married her..   Professor Tom Hayden, no surprise, Hayden has ties to Obama as well.  Besides Hanoi, in his younger days, Hayden went to Cuba so Soviet experts could teach him things like bomb making and other skills necessary to wage war against the United States from within. He’s taught at Occidental College and at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics — Isn’t that Obama territory?  He’s also taught at UCLA..  Hayden supports, in his own words;

 "the peaceful, nonviolent disappearance of the white race"
Could be why he’s such a supporter of the illegal invasion from Mexico..  Many of them have a similar goal..
Today Michelle Malkin reported on terrorist and murderer, Academia hearts the Weather Underground: Kathy Boudin at Columbia and NYU    … she picked up the story from the 
 NY Post who had this to say
Former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin — who spent 22 years in prison for an armored-car robbery that killed two cops and a Brinks guard — now holds a prestigious adjunct professorship at Columbia University’s School of Social Work, The Post has learned.
Boudin, 69, this year won another academic laurel — being named the Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School, where last month she gave a lecture on “the politics of parole and re-entry.”
Boudin’s bounce-back into respectability after her 2003 parole comes to light a week before the release of Robert Redford’s movie “The Company You Keep,” loosely based on the $1.6 million heist.
Boudin’s status of perp-turned-prof outraged the widow of one of her victims, Brinks guard and dad of three Peter Paige, who was gunned down by her accomplices from the Black Liberation Army on Oct. 20, 1981, in Rockland County.
Boudin acted as a getaway driver in the heist.
“She doesn’t deserve a job at all,” said Josephine Paige, 74, when told of Boudin’s posts. “She doesn’t deserve anything, nothing at all. I think she should be back in an institution.”
John Hanchar, the nephew of another victim of the robbery, Nyack Police Officer Edward O’Grady, said that while Boudin “has a right to do whatever she wants . . . I just hope the people that she’s lecturing are smart enough to question why [she felt] like killing people is an acceptable choice to forward their goals.”
“It’s easy to forget that violence is never the answer. Nine children grew up without their dads because of her actions,” said Hanchar, 
Michelle Malkin Had this picture posted on her website
 Nine kids grew up without fathers because of someone who is now teaching America’s  children

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