Sheriff Joe's Lead Investigator: High-Profile Credible Source Turns Over New Obama Identity Fraud Evidence


Sheriff Joe's Lead Investigator: High-Profile Credible Source 
Turns Over New Obama Identity Document Fraud Evidence
- Aired April 5, 2013 - 

Full Interview: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Lead Investigator Mike Zullo; FULL INTERVIEW EMBEDDED BELOW:

1. Lead Investigator for the Cold Case Posse Lt. Mike Zullo reviews his credentials.
2. The fraudulent birth certificate represents a crime….a felony.
3. “We know it was uploaded from a Mac”
4. A program called Preview was used just before the upload which can erase metadata…some of the data was retained however.
5. Other Programs used are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
6. It was uploaded to a government server.
7. Biggest fraud committed in American history.
8. “I have enough evidence to drive a stake in the heart of this document”
9. This investigation has been verified.
10. New evidence has been turned over to the Cold Case Posse within the last two days from other law enforcement.
11. The Investigation is not stopping.
12. People in high positions with standing have seen the evidence and others also are making arrangements to see it.
13. Promises have been made from people in high positions that the investigation will move forward.
14. The “Wheels of Justice” move slowly.
15. Ret. Army Lt. Col. Allen West and U.S. Rep. is aware of the evidence and cites future political aspirations as to why he refuses to pursue.
16. Lt. Zullo is working toward getting evidence before a DA or Attorney General.
17. This is an issue of National Security.
18. Other sheriffs are interested in the investigation.
19. If you or I proffered a forged birth certificate to gain access to a ballot and was elected to an office and received financial gain from that office that would be a felony offense and we would be indicted immediately.
20. Lead Investigator Mike Zullo shines the light on the misinformation disinformation campaign being waged in an effort to try and discredit the investigation…and of which can’t be done.
21. One individual fled the country because of threats.

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