Is Orly Taitz an Obama Operative? Mike Zullo on Orly's STRANGE Behavior

I thought Sheriff Joe and Orly Taitz were on the same page, or at least on the same team.  Then I read this from Orly's site recently:  

"So, it shows that I was correct all along. Mike Zullo’s affidavit will not be considered in the actual case and in the actual appeal. For that reason, as I’ve been stating for 2 years now, Sheriff Arpaio and his investigator Mike Zullo need to stop stating things that are not true: they cannot testify in the Supreme Court of Alabama. Zullo’s affidavit will not be considered as part of actual appeal, and Arpaio needs to stop misleading the public and he needs to do his job as a sheriff, namely file a criminal complaint with the office of the District Attorney of the Maricopa county AZ and the Attorney General of AZ against Barack Obama for fraud and using forged ID in his county, Maricopa County in AZ, where he is an elected official, where he is a sheriff."

Is she jealous that Arpaio's team might get the credit one day? Is she an operative? Is she right?
I don't know, but disinformation is the name of the game with the CIA and covert agencies. 
Nothing would surprise me.  


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