So just who is Jose Serrano that represents the 15th Congressional District of New York in the Bronx that would like to see Obama in office for a third term?  Well, he is a radical socialist that was fond of Chavez and of course, ending embargo's against communist Cuba and about every other left-wing communist cause.  
Of course, there is much more, from KewWiki:  

In July 1996, the Democratic Socialists of America Political Action Committee endorsed Jose Serrano, NY 16 in that year's Congressional elections.[6]

As of February 20 2009 Jose Serrano was listed as a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus[15].

When you are endorsed by the DSA, and when you are a card-carrying member of the Progressive Caucus, you might as well declare yourself an open Communist- unfortunately most of America still don't get that.  

PROGRESSIVISM = SOCIALISM which is a nice way of saying- COMMUNISM.


Now that Benghazi appears to be destroying the political career of Hillary Clinton and taking air out of the Clinton dynasty, we are beginning to hear rumblings once again about a third Obama term…

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