As American's, we must not allow ourselves to get continually caught up in the "divide and conquer" Alinsky tactics any longer by the Progressive's who control the Democratic Party, Executive Branch, Senate, much of the House and a large majority of our nations news media. 
By not uniting and using all of our means to first identify the enemy and focusing on exposing Progressive's as the radicals that they are, we are chasing our proverbial tails.
Enemies, and especially their philosophies must first be identified and rooted out if we are to win the war they are raging against our Constitution and our very way of life.
I refer to them as "enemies" because of the stealth tactics they use, deeply entrenching themselves in our government while posing as political moderates rather than identifying themselves as Socialists. 
Socialism is simply not compatible with our Constitution and is always the necessary stepping stone to full blown Communism.  -W.E.

CommieTunes - Episode 12 -- 

The Democratic Party is a Socialist Party.  
Starring Radical Communists / Socialists / Progressives / Marxists Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, Jan Schakowsky, John Conyers, Jutta Urpilainen, Adolph Hitler, Democrat Party, DNC, Democrat National Convention, Democrat Socialists of America, The Party of European Socialists, PES, and Socialist International. 
Special Guest Stars Lord Monckton, Glenn Beck and John Bolton.

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