Latest Breaking Developments From Mike Zullo on Obama Eligibility

"What a lot of American's are waking up to right now is that we have a rogue regime in power that is using the Internal Revenue Service to go after opponents of the administrations policies, to intimidate critics.  We have a rogue regime that is the power of the federal government to investigate news reporters that they don't like. We've got the scandal of the Benghazi murder of Ambassador Stevens and the phony story that was made up by the Obama White House about the goofy Muslim video they said started the whole ruckus in Benghazi and the list just goes on and on and on. Scandal after scandal and after every instance, the Obama people have been caught lying and lying and lying. So why shouldn't we re-visit the original scandal?"  

"It's really just a very murky background that is very difficult to follow and that background could not get you a job as a janitor in the White House, let alone the President of the United States"

"The American people's voice has been silenced on this issue because they [Congress] refuse to deal with it. But we have evidence now.  I have real evidence.  This is not somebody thinking that it is this, or making the conclusion by jumping from A-B to D. This is evidence, it is provable, it is verified it is real. This thing [Obama's birth certificate] is a fake and there is only one or two reasons why you make a document like this. Either it never existed before, or you made it to add, conceal or erase certain information. Those are the only reasons."

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Mike Zullo gives us the latest breaking news on the Obama birth certificate via True News Radio.

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