There's not much left to be said. The only conclusion I can come to, when we take all of the facts into consideration, is that this nation is being set up for destruction.  I am not saying they will be successful, because there is still a God in heaven...but from a human perspective things are not looking good.   
  • Congress and the media are still mum on Obama's eligibility to even be President despite the FACT that the birth certificate has now proved to be 100% fraudulent.  
  • Our borders are purposely left wide open for decades (yes, even before Obama) as known terrorist set up camps inside of our borders. 
  • Those that wish to kill us, radical Islamist, including the Muslim Brotherhood work inside of the Obama administration.  
  • Obama bowed to the Saudi King.  
  • He supports with words, but also with our money and our armaments the now deposed radical ex-President in Egypt, Morsi. 
  • We are arming a sworn enemy, Al Qaeda fighters in Syria.  
  • Obama finds the Islamic call to prayer, which in itself is a confession that one is a Muslim, "beautiful".  
  • He likes to run around when cameras are rolling and declare himself a Christian, but does not attend services and the last time he did with regularity was under the tutelage of a whacko named Reverend Wright.  
  • We are busy disarming our military and our nuclear arsenal while China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and others are either increasing theirs or in the case of Iran, seeking to increase theirs.  
  • No one, not a soul has been held accountable in Libya for the death of our Ambassador and that was 10 months ago, a story so wrought with holes and so blatantly covered up that a 10 year old could see it.
  • We are strangled to death with a dismal if not dying economy, the worst since the great depression and then we add the kicker, Obamacare.   
  • Obama signed the U.N. Gun Control Treaty. 
  • As all this is transpiring, the Department of Homeland Security along with the NSA, EPA and IRS look conspicuously like we are experiencing the unfolding of tyranny in the U.S.  Slow and deliberate.  
  • While the net is being cast around us, most of America sleeps. 
  • The hits just keep a comin'.

Dennis Michael Lynch

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