Document Expert Could Topple the Obama Administration

I am tempted to dismiss this. Not because of its accuracy, nor because Barack Hussein Obama truly isn't eligible to be President and the proof to that is 100%.  No, I am tempted to dismiss it because nothing "sticks" to Obama. His lackey's in the media and the radical thugs he surrounds himself with make sure of it. Not Benghazi, not fast and furious, not the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, not Solyndra, not attacking Libya with no Congressional authorization, not the other many court cases challenging Obama's eligibility, not his radical past associations, not his Muslim leanings, not his countless lies, not, not, not...!!!  
However, standing before the court of Judge Roy Moore is intriguing and offers something Obama hasn't had to fight before and that is a Judge who seemingly will not be swayed away from finding the truth.(Pray for Judge Moore that he neither succumbs to blackmail or is otherwise "taken out" of this picture, and no, I don't think I am being dramatic) 
It is also a whole other thing having to fight and discredit the expert testimony of a man who has testified as an expert witness many times for the law firm that Obama uses.
This will get interesting as it unfolds. Obama and his team of lawyers and thugs will not sit idly by, nor will the state controlled media offer much help, but rather a good deal of cover as they have done for the past 5 years. -W.E.


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