Jeffrey Kuhner: Obama Illegitimate President; Birth Certificate Blown Apart Exposed As Forgery

Washington Times contributor and radio personality Jeffrey Kuhner joined Rick Wiles radio show "Tru News" recently and spoke at length on questions concerning how far along the proverbial road America may be towards being a full blown Police State among other topics such as voter fraud and the illegitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama as President.    

"We are now seeing the growth of an Orwellian Big Brother state.  The difference is, unlike Germany, unlike Russia, unlike China, unlike countries around the world we still have very deep traditions rooted in individual liberty and constitutional government. Our founding documents are still revered by large swaths of the American people."

"Really, we are now living through some of the greatest moments, some of the most pivotal moments in American history and now the burden of defending liberty has fallen on our shoulders.  And it's from 1776 to the Civil War to the 1930's throughout the Cold War, but now its our turn, our generations turn and we are going to find out what this country is made of.  My big fear is that maybe we are too far gone.  But I got to tell you. There is a resistance growing it's getting stronger every day and the more that we expose, the more that we uncover, sunlight is the best disinfectant, the more revolted many Americans are becoming.  We have the truth, and that is a very powerful weapon and as long as we keep speaking it, I think we can overthrow these Elites."


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