MSNBC: Birthers Rise Again; Right Trying To Delegitimize Obama Presidency

With the heat coming on Obama regarding his eligibility, I think we saw what their tac will be, and wasn't it predictable?  "Birthers" are racists.  Yep. Attack the credibility and the character of the birthers, but don't discuss the legitimacy of the issue.  Isn't that what the Progressive left always does because they can't win on the issues?
If there is good news here, I think it is that Team Obama realizes that the issue not only is not going away, but is gaining steam and this may be a warning shot across the bow to any would be Birthers that want to take the President on, they will be ridiculed and harassed on camera and in print.  The pressure will be incredible.   Congressman (as you will see in the video) are speaking about it, and they have to shut that up right away.  There is also the pending Alabama Supreme Court case in front of Judge Roy Moore that is sure to unnerve the Obama regime and send their propaganda doctors into full spin.  Yep, heating up.


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