Guide To Obama Family Ties To Radical Muslim Groups For Dummies

"Barack Obama's father is my maternal uncle" 
- Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga on the BBC January, 2008

I pray that our military, like Egypt's, will intervene on behalf of the American citizenry.  I don't believe, after what we saw in the last elections that we can any longer count on our vote as anything but a system to keep the population thinking we can vote out of office these USURPERS. They are too entrenched, working for Banksters, Big Oil, Big Corporations and Major Media to name a few. Sadly, the infiltrators are working hard to bring down our military from within as well.  In case you haven't noticed, they are doing a good job so far.  The community organizers no how to win an election, and that doesn't mean winning voters.
It is my understanding that the Egyptian military intervened because of the mass protests erupting on the streets of Cairo and around that nation.  We know eventually the citizens of that nation marched into the millions, some reports upwards of ten million in a nation with a population of 82 million.  -W.E.


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