Bill Ayers Urges Support for NYC Dem de Blasio for Mayor bc He Worked for Sandinista Communists


Was New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner just meant to be a distraction to keep the real focus off of Communist and Islamic supporter Bill de Blasio, or was the deck just stacked with radical infiltrators who would love to get their corrupt fingers on the keys to the most populated city in America?  Either way, what we do know is that Bill de Blasio loves his communists, loves his Jihadi's and is loved by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.   
This is another infiltrator who has no intention to live up to what would be his oath of office should he win.  Every New Yorker needs to know the truth about this radical.
See also yesterday's story regarding de Blasio's plan to SHUTDOWN New York's surveillance program of radical Muslims. (link) 


New York Democratic Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio worked for the Sandinistas, who–as I’ve written for decades–were anti-Semitic PLO supporters who treated the Jews much like the Nazis in Europe did.
They . . .


Nicaraguan President and Sandinista Leader Daniel Ortega w/ PLO Leader Yasser Arafat
. . . Were Aided & Abetted by Him . . .


NYC Dem Mayoral Candidate Bill De Blasio
On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal editorial page ran this snippet, below, from an interview Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers did with New York Magazine. In it, Ayers praises the Marxist Sandinista Communists and de Blasio’s work with them.

What should NYC voters make of De Blasio’s time in Nicaragua?
They should say that he stood up for humanity. He stood up for human rights against the blind imperial monster. That was the right thing to do then and it’s the right thing to do now.
And there’s more, which the Journal didn’t run:

Bill de Blasio, the big favorite here, comes out of a young leftist tradition — including his involvement with the Sandinistas — and now he’s facing charges of being a communist sympathizer, a socialist, all of those right-wing buzzwords. How do you think he should handle the criticism?
. . . . The thing about Bill de Blasio is that he should be very proud of the fact that he supported the Sandinistas when he was a young man because being progressive about the role of Latin American independence and self-determination, 30 years ago, was prescient and correct. He shouldn’t run from it, he should embrace it.
In the 1980s, when Ronald Reagan was urging Congress to vote for aid to the Contras, the Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters, against the Sandinistas, I was an activist for this cause. Although I was only in junior high and high school then (and later in college an activist with the Coalition for Democracy in Latin America at the University of Michigan), I wrote op-eds in major newspapers in support of it because there were many credible reports, even from the usually far left Anti-Defamation League of the Nazi-like persecution of the Nicaraguan Jewish community, which was mostly based in Managua.
It’s not just that the Sandinistas were joined at the hip with the PLO and Yasser Arafat and allowed them to use Nicaragua as a Palestinian terrorist training camp. When Daniel Ortega and his Sandinistas came to power, they firebombed the Managua Jewish Synagogue on a Friday night while Jews were inside praying during Sabbath services. Then, they barred the doors from the outside so the Jews could not get in. In a Krystalnacht-like move, the Sandinistas seized a good deal of Jewish-owned property and assets, destroying a good deal of it first. Then, they seized the Managua Synagogue and gave it to a PLO youth group. Further, the Sandinistas seized the assets of the Jewish community’s president and forced him to sweep the streets of Managua while Jew-haters watched on and jeered him. Many Nicaraguan Jews were jailed, and those who were not fled the country. Now, the Jewish community there is a tiny shadow of what it once was, because who would wanna stick around for more of that?
That’s just the Cliff Notes version (I’ll try to dig up one of my old op-ed pieces with more details). But you have to wonder in how much of this de Blasio participated.
Fortunately, because of the Reagan Revolution, the Sandinistas were removed from power and the brave Violeta Chamorro was democratically elected President. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration did nothing to stop Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas when they sought a return to power in 2006, and even SUPPORTED them, despite the fact that neo-Nazi Ortega molested his step-daughter in the time he was out of power.
Again, what was Bill de Blasio’s role in the anti-Semitic, Nazi-like, anti-Israel, neo-Marxist Sandinistas’ actions when they were in power?
It’s a question that begs to be asked. Will anyone at his press conferences do the job?
Don’t bet on it.

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