McCain & Obama Shredded At Town Hall Meeting - Why Is My Money Funding al-Qaeda?

Not only does McCain ignore this informed citizen, so does ABC news, pretending as if al qaeda is not a part of the Syrian rebels, pretending that they aren't ripping the heart out of people and eating it, and pretending that al qaeda is not a part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  


At a town hall meeting in Phoenix, a man shreds both Barack Obama and John McCain for their support of al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebels and his outrage simply must be seen and heard.

Transcript will be below the video.

"I've been told for 12 years al-Qaeda is my enemy Sir, why is my money going to al-Qaeda in Syria?"

The man continued on "I am not some fool standing here in front of you Sir, and I know that our money and weaponry, and by the way I have friends and family in the Jordanian Army and I know what our troops are doing there, and any man that supports al-Qaeda, I don't care if he is the president of the United States or a Senator from the great state of Arizona......"

In response, John McCain shooed the man away and called him rude.

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