"The Muslim Brotherhood was created [in 1928] to usher back the Islamic Caliphate which had ended 5 years prior." 

"The Muslim Brotherhood wrote a plan in 1982.  It's a 100 year plan for radical Islam to infiltrate and dominate the West.  In counter-terrorism circles, this plan became known as "The Project".  The plan was written in Europe and if you look at Europe today you see how far they have advanced in their plan in the last thirty years."

"One paragraph I am going to read to you out of this plan: ' The process of settlement (of the Muslim Brotherhood) is a civilization jihadist process (which means a cultural process) where the brothers must understand that their work in the U.S. is a kind of Grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within, while sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the [Muslim] believers so that it is eliminated and Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

"They wrote another plan for the United States, the plan for the United States was written in 1991 on how to destroy the United States from within.  What makes the Muslim Brotherhood Project unique is the [unintelligible] and proposals on how to infiltrate and dominate the United States, how to use our open-mindedness against us, how to use our tolerance against us." 

"They talk about how to set up non-profit organizations and human rights organizations and maintain the appearance of moderation in order to advance radical Islam in the West".  

"They talk about how to place Muslim interns at different levels of government.  In all countries, not just the United States, in all Western Countries. How to work with like minded Progressive organizations."

"The Muslim Students Association today, has more chapters on American college campuses than the Democrats and the Republicans combined.  The MSA was launched in the United States in 1963.  So for those of you who think this is recent activity in America by by radical  Muslims, we are only now just waking up to what they have been doing in the United States"

"Do you know that right now they are setting up an entertainment center in Hollywood for twenty million dollars?" 

"The Saudi's started pumping millions into our universities setting up Middle East study departments, and Political Science departments and appointing Arab Professors who are anti Israel and anti America to brainwash our kids to make them believe America is bad, Israel is evil and the Islamic world is repressed because of America's imperialism."  

" To give you an idea of the Saudi infiltration into our Universities, here is a list of the extent of their infiltration:
  • King Fahd of Saudi Arabia donated 22 million dollars to set up a Mid-East study department at the University of Arkansas
  • 5 million donated to Berkley's study department from two Saudi sheiks linked to al Qaeda
  • Harvard received 22.5 million.  
  • 28.1 million went to Georgetown
  • 11 million to Cornell
  • 5 million to MIT
  • 1.5 million to Texas A&M
  • 1 million to Princeton
  • Rutgers received a 5 million share endowment, also Columbia received that as well, but Columbia tried to lie to conceal the source of the funds. 
Other recipients of Saudi money include:  UC Santa Barbara, John Hopkins University, Rice University, American University, University of Chicago, USC, UCLA, Duke University, Syracuse University, Howard University, you get the idea.  From the Ivy Leagues down to the Community Colleges and everything in between.  We pump the gas, and they pump poison into the hearts and minds of the future generation and that is why we must become energy independent."

"The strategy worked so well on college campus' they figured, 'why wait until the kids get to college', why don't we start with the children in middle school?  This way, by the time they are 18 and get to college, and they can vote, we already have them in our pocket."  

Chris G

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