The Case for Impeaching Barack Obama (Part 2-Video)

"The Attorney General of the United States [regarding Fast and Furious] lied under oath, and his boss, Barack Obama, up until the 2012 Presidential election and beyond, continued to lie about what he knew about Fast and Furious"

Border Patrol agent Brian Terry is still dead, his family still suffers while Eric Holder and Barack Obama continue to walk freely and work freely to destroy America.  Why?  What happened to the investigation? Why has it been swept under the rug? As a matter of fact, what happened to Benghazi?  Why does NOTHING stick against this President?  Why is NOTHING his fault?  How long will Americans look the other way to Tyrant in the White House and a Congress that sits on their hands while he destroys our Republic? - W.E.

Part 1 is here

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