Why Do D.C. Metro Police Wear Blue Helmets Like UN Troops?

Maybe they wear the U.N. blue for the same reason Obama's brand of red, white and blue is not the blue of the American flag as one might expect, but the sky blue of the United Nations-  D.C., like Obama shows their TRUE colors. - W.E.


Here are pics of Washington, DC metro police with sky blue helmets on their heads:
Capitol Police in Blue HelmetsDC metro police (from Wired).
Sky blue is the color that United Nation troops wear on their heads, whether helmet or beret:
UN blue helmetsUN blue berets.
To my knowledge, DC metro police are the only police in the U.S. who wear the same blue-colored helmets as the UN.
Here are pics of the police riot gear of three U.S. cities: Boston, Dallas, and Seattle. Notice that their helmets are all black in color, not blue.
Boston police riot gearDallas policeSeattle police

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