Bombshell Graphics Expert: Obama Birth Certificate Forged

This is the most concise, credible, convincing, expert and nail in the coffin piece of evidence on Obama's fraud I have heard to date!  If I had to present just one piece of evidence to a friend, co-worker or neighbor to wake them up, as I just did with a family member, this would be the one. Incidentally, the reaction of my often skeptical family member? - "WOW". 


Graphics Expert Paul Irey, had and has the evidence that proves beyond shadow of doubt. that the mysterious Obama Birth Certificate is a forgery, which was put up on Official WHITE House WEB site in 2011. And a poorly done, rushed forgery at that. This man who had a Top secret clearance in the US Air Force assigned to NSA for two years before going into business for himself was shamefully blocked by Judge England in Federal Court in Sacramento from testifying on the Record. 

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