The Birther Evidence: Obama's Ineligibility to Be President (VIDEO)

It's just to unbelievable to be true, right?  To inconceivable.  How can any person even run for the office of President, much less win the election, without the proper documentation, say for instance a birth certificate? 
Maybe you have been convinced that he is eligible because there was a birth announcement in two separate newspapers on or about the time of Obama's birth and that settled it for you.  Maybe you have been convinced because the media seems to have decided that all is okay. 
On this blog have been articles and videos many time over showing discrepancy after discrepancy...most if not all ignored by both Obama and the media regarding his ineligibility.  Why does Obama have a team of lawyers running around the country, not allowing this issue to make it to court? (There latest attempt has failed and it is being heard now in Alabama's Supreme Court, a very interesting development)
The video below is your proof.  It's not my proof. It's not some media pundits proof.  It is evidence brought to light by a formal investigation by law officers who first sought to CLEAR the President's name.  
After watching the evidence below, and concluding that the evidence is OVERWHELMING, we should then consider the ramifications.  It would be illogical to believe that Obama pulled this off by himself.  That makes this a conspiracy.  A conspiracy so profound that many just can't force themselves that it could be true. Then who are the co-conspirators? Is a foreigner in office that wants to do harm to this country? Is that the reason we are all witnessing what Obama promised- to "fundamentally transform the United States of America?
 It really is the things of science fiction and late night B movies. 
But it's all true. The question only remains, are you willing to put aside partisan politics for the good of the country and take a stand?


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