Slap: Democrat Candidate Calls On Congress To Investigate Obama ID Fraud

No, it isn't too late, it will never be "too late" to go after and bring to justice Barack Hussein Obama on the grounds of his eligibility to be President. Don't fall into the normalcy bias trap. It will never be too late to bring to justice the many who have lied and covered for this infiltrator.   Not if law and the constitution still mean anything in this country.  
Some seem to think that Obama's eligibility is "old news". No, the media and congressional cover up of this crime is an ongoing crime. It couldn't be anymore current news as Obama the undocumented and illegal President continues on his path of destruction using every means possible against the United States of America.  It couldn't be anymore current as the crime of his illegal coup against America is still a crime in progress.  -W.E.


Democratic candidate for Michigan governorship Mark McFarlin appeared on Where's Obama's Birth Certificate Blog Talk Radio show to discuss his recent comments questioning Obama's birth certificate.

McFarlin says an international team of experts need to be given access to Obama's original birth records at the Hawaii Department of Health stating Obama waived his privacy rights pertaining to the birth certificate. McFarlin says if elected he will try to bring Obama's id fraud to the forefront and use his powers as governor to address it. He further states statute covers treason against the United States. This is a must hear interview...



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