Obama the Ardent Communist: Why He Should Be in Prison for Treason Before it is Too Late

It's easy to get swept away in Obama's ties to Radical Islam and forget that he is also a card carrying Communist.
Oh yeah, not doubt about it. Not, "used to be" either, he still is and he is still inflicting this philosophy on America. In fact, he has been caught in more lies concerning his membership with the Communist "New Party", a group that newly elected Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio was also a high ranking member. What is the end of Communism? For starters economic collapse and the signs of that on this nation are everywhere, in large part because of the leftist policies of Barack Obama. The final end game of Communism? Just ask those who lived under China's Mao, Russia's Stalin or Cambodia's Pol Pot. Anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-life philosophies seem always to be at the top of Obama's list of core values. -W.E.

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