TSA Requiring U.S. Pilots to Give Up Rights, Thousands of Illegal Muslim Immigrants Being Flown Into U.S.

"Now we find out it's not just our geographical borders that are wide open, our skies are too. "We've been invaded, big time"

A U.S. pilot and employee of "Kalitta Charters" has gone on record of having lost his job for not agreeing to sign a TSA required consent form that would have him give up "a whole boat load of rights regarding security risk assessments as a United States American commercial pilot".  
According to the pilot, whose first name is Dennis, at least one other pilot received the same information via company email and "went ahead and signed it" saying that he did not bother to read the consent form before he signed it because, "I need my job".  

"Dennis" goes on to speak about being in a Baptist church listening to Tennessee Representative Rick Womick, who also still flies internationally as a pilot for Boeing, give detail accounts of returning trips from overseas with the "aircraft loaded, rock solid full, with every seat filled with illegal Muslims and flew it back to the East Coast of the United States".  
If this is not explosive enough, Dennis continues to speak of Womick's account of what happened to passengers "after being instructed to land":

"they taxied right past immigration and those people [the passengers] were literally lead off  and escorted off the airplane and they would give them thousands of dollars in their pockets."

This comes on the heals of the story that the U.S. State Department and the U.N. are working to resettle 30,000 "displaced" Syrians into the U.S.

According to a 2011 WND article, Rick Womick "participated in a panel called “Defending Liberty in Legislatures,” is an Boeing 777 airline pilot who has flown five flights with Somali immigrants on board from London to New York City."  Womick has spoken out publicly that the U.S. Military should not allow Muslims.
Tenn. Representative Rick Womick

It is interesting to note, that on Kalitta Charters website, they have these promotional statements:

"Kalitta Charters is an approved air carrier for the US Department of Defense, US Department of Justice and US Department of Energy, operating critical missions across the globe"

"When it comes to transporting critical cargo safely, securely and on time around the world, no one does it better than us. After all, the Kalitta family began airfreight operations back in 1967. If it fits inside an airplane, we’ve probably flown it – and if we haven’t, we’ve got the team to make it happen"

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