British Intelligence Adviser says Obama Born in Mombasa Kenya, Gallups Breaks it Down (Video)

Carl Gallups gives important insights into who Michael Shrimpton is.  

Here is an except from the video:

"Michael Shrimpton is a member of the bar in Great Britain and a specialist in National Security and
constitutional law, also strategic intelligence and counter-terrorism in Great Britain and the USA.  
He has a wide-ranging connection now with western intelligence agencies and among ex-Soviet bloc agencies.  
He is also an adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies, Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies, the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at master's degree level to intelligence officers.
He has represented the United States and Israeli intelligence officers in law and has briefed staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional inquiry into 9/11.  Also addressing panels on terrorism in Washington DC and Los Angeles. 
In other words this Intelligence Specialist,  Michael Shrimpton, knows his stuff.
In a video of which I was recently made aware, this Intelligence Professional, Michael Shrimpton says Obama was born in Mombasa Kenya.  
He says this information is within British Intelligence files, hard copy documented.  
He says that the CIA actually ran some DNA tests on Obama's alleged grandparents' and Obama when he was a Senator and was unable to match his DNA with Obama's alleged grandparents. 
He also said that the Clintons know this information that he made them aware of it.
That John McCain knows this information, that Senator John Edwards knows this information
that a former Director of the CIA under Bill Clinton knows this information and does not deny it."

Paul Simmons

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