Lt. Gen. Boykin (Ret.): Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated U.S. Government

It's really the perfect storm isn't it?  Many of us are waiting, preparing and expecting for the next shoe to drop, i.e, a collapse of the economy and subsequent complete meltdown of America, martial law, etc.  Or perhaps the complete degradation of the nations electrical grid via an EMP attack, leading to what seems to be once again the inevitable financial collapse and martial law.  Then again, we can envision this President dragging us into a middle east war, perhaps the mother of all wars, which we can afford neither the loss of blood or treasure, can we not? The possibility of a terrorist attack on our nation that dwarfs the attack on the World Trade Center is a daily reality.
With any of a number of scenarios, we must question, blame and hold accountable our own government for fostering the steam roll to martial law, as we see our nation turning into a giant prison, constantly surveilling its citizens while strangling America with regulations and laws that categorically betray the concept of a "free" America and what the Founders envisioned for this nation. if all of this isn't enough, we have to contend with a government of wolves...radicals inside the administration, an imposter at the top, facilitating, integrating and directing radical Islam throughout this government only a few years after blaming them for the worst attack on American soil ever.  If you haven't heard, they have declared all out JIHAD against America, and their stealth variety is making in roads that will, if continued to be left unchecked, radically transform America from within to such a degree that if you don't think you recognize America now, wait until Obama and his Muslim cohorts finish their Jihad.
Where is Almighty God in all of this some may wonder?  After decades of declaring, and allowing those to declare "separation of church and state", (found no where in the Constitution) and constantly working feverishly with fists clinched in the air at the face of their Creator, screaming idiotically how they don't need Him, removing Him from our schools, courts and national conversation, while allowing every other pagan god and humanistic behavior to flourish, God still stands at the heart of every person knocking to come in.  His Grace is still sufficient and in play in this age of Grace.  Yet it will not be that way forever. There is coming the prophesied hour when the Lord will say, "enough" and swift judgment will come.  In some ways, we see His hand of protection being removed from our land when once we clearly saw His blessing upon it.  


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