Will Obama Not Leave Office After 2016?

I have said it for a couple of years now.  Obama came into the Presidency illegally, and if he and his regime of radicals that brought him here can figure out a way to keep him here, breaking the law one more time doesn't matter to lawbreakers. Let us not forget, he believes himself to be above the constitution and as he recently declared, "I can do anything I want". 
Of course, to prevent an entire meltdown of America, and the military from intervening to remove him forcibly from power, he will need an excuse. He will need to remove most of the "hardline" constitutionalists from places of power and influence, especially in the military, but also Congress.  Both are works in progress, but Congress will prove to be silent as usual.  For decades now, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have both been infiltrated by Progressives with each successive election. Dissenters in both Congress and the military can be controlled through the NSA's ability to listen in on dissenters and their plots, blackmailing, framing and destroying anyone perceived as a threat. Anyone deemed a terrorist can be killed through executive action with no trial or due process thanks to Obama and the Congress signing the NDAA into law. 
If the media were legitimate, and not sold out, they would be of concern, but they too have been infiltrated, a little at a time with mega corporations that own them busy "reporting news" that is handpicked, and no longer performing the duties of journalists, but rather propagandists.  There is a difference between a journalist and reporter. A journalist investigates stories, a dying, if not totally dead occupation today.
But what excuse will Obama use to stay in power? What false flag? There are several events that, should any of them occur, would allow Obama to declare martial law:  Economic Collapse, an EMP attack, a cyber-attack that shuts down the nation’s electric grid, a pandemic. Of course, any of the last three would bring on an economic collapse anyway. 
Local and State Police have been militarized.  Every household in America is spied on, they know and capture virtually our every move, email, phone call, text message where we work, what organizations, political and religious we are affiliated with and who our friends and family are.  They can track us through our cell phones and computers and even microchip sensors that are in many of today's cars.  Half of Americans are already completely dependent on the government for food and income and to keep eating, so don't think many of them won't turn into informers on their fellow American's for a few extra special treats from the kings table. 
We have all been witnessing a silent coup d’├ętat for five years now. But it must take the next step into an open tyranny if Obama is to stay in office. There will always be excuses and veiled pretense for the subjugation of Americans. It won’t be called "communism" or its ugly twin, "fascism", in the media or by the slick sounding politicians that go along with it, of course not. There has to be an excuse for their tyranny otherwise the masses will show up on the lawn of the White House with pitchforks and lanterns. Everything they want to accomplish will be made "legal".   

Don't think it is possible? Sound to extreme? Just a "conspiracy theory" you say? Open your eyes, and look around, it is already happening.  


For the second time this year, talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh has expressed his fear that President Obama may not step down when his term ends in 2017.
To make his point on his national broadcast Tuesday afternoon, Limbaugh cited Obama’s three-year extension of the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate.

This extension, said Limbaugh, is a cynical ploy to “make sure this law doesn’t harm him and his party politically.
It’s also is “impossible to implement, and “proof that [Obamacare] is a disaster, it’s an albatross.”
So, not surprisingly, Limbaugh continued, “they’re delaying [the full implementation of Obamacare] until Obama’s gone.”
“Although what evidence do we have that Obama’s leaving?” Limbaugh added provocatively.
Adopting a whining, skeptical voice, Limbaugh mimicked naysayers: “‘Well, Rush, the Constitution says … .’
“But the Constitution also says he can’t do what he’s doing here. The text of Obamacare specifically prohibits what Obama is doing. But very few people are talking about that. ”
To those who fail to acknowledge the true seriousness of the matter, and grumble about Obama’s “political maneuvers,” Limbaugh scoffed “he’s making illegal maneuvers. This is not legal. This is not permitted.”
However, Limbaugh added, the average person doesn’t seem to care about whether or not the nation’s chief law-enforcement officer is himself a lawbreaker – or even violating the Constitution he swore under oath to defend.
After all, Obama had declared his intention to stay in Washington, D.C. after the next election.
“Can you guess why that might be?” Limbaugh had asked. He speculated that the ex-president will want to “stay in town to make sure that whatever he accomplishes is not unwound,” specifically, Obamacare.

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