British Intel: Obama Mama Was Muslim With Asian Decent

(Warning, some salty language)

In this interview, British Intel Specialist Michael Shrimpton sings like a bird!

First, here again is Shrimpton's bio that I mentioned last week when he first went on record that British Intelligence has DNA evidence that they long ago passed on to American officials regarding Obama's real place of birth, i.e. Kenya, Shrimpton's bio includes that: 
Shrimpton is a member of the bar in Great Britain and a specialist in National Security and
constitutional law, also strategic intelligence and counter-terrorism in Great Britain and the USA.  
He has a wide-ranging connection now with western intelligence agencies and among ex-Soviet bloc agencies.  
He is also an adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies, Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies, the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at master's degree level to intelligence officers.
He has represented the United States and Israeli intelligence officers in law and has briefed staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional inquiry into 9/11.  He has also addressed panels on terrorism in Washington DC and Los Angeles.
Here is some of what Shrimpton discusses in the interview:
  • Clinton had Ron Brown "whacked" in a staged plane crash by the Germans.
  • Bill Clinton convinced Hillary to keep silent regarding Obama's DNA proving him to not be eligible for President, Obama rewards silence with Secretary of State position. 
  • Former N.Y. Mayor Giuliani had intel before Obama's first term about Obama's ineligibility but was "leaned" on (a nice way to say blackmailed) because he was having an marital affair.
  • Pentagon has DNA evidence against Obama. 
  • Obama's true mother, not Stanley Ann, according to DNA evidence was Muslim, possibly of Asian decent, according to British Intelligence agencies.
My take on all of this is simply to keep it all in mind, nothing is gospel but the gospel.  The MI5 and MI6, work hand in glove with our CIA and NSA...and disinformation is their calling cards.  Then again, it might all be true, or parts thereof.  I am interested to see and hear the "universe shattering" discoveries made by Arpaio's team that are due out as early as the end of this month.  -W.E.


This audio is very bad and takes extreme patience to get thru it, but you can decipher that British Intel, through the DNA evidence they obtained on Obama, that Stanley Ann is not the real mother of Obama.

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