Parallels: 1940's Feds and Communism and 2014 Feds and Islamic Jihad

"We get hit on 911 and President Bush tell us that Islam is a religion of peace.  And we spend the next twelve years now watching this be institutionalized.  Watching the public square only smile on people who say things that support this completely illogical statement.  Islam is not a religion of peace.  We see Jihad around the world that tells us that." 

"During WWII, just as today's Federal Government will whitewash Jihad, whitewash Sharia, whitewash Islam.  We had the Federal Government whitewashing Communism.  Telling us that Communism was compatible with Democracy, that there was full religious freedom in the Soviet Union, President Roosevelt actually said that straight-faced to the nation in 1941.  I mean the parallels are striking, they're shocking.  They tell us that the government lies to us."


From 2013, but well worth watching Diana West with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze.

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