Director of National Intelligience Office Sued over Ties to Chinese Government


Judicial Watch believes it has found compelling evidence to suggest United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has uncomfortably close ties to the Chinese government. The watchdog group's lead was uncovered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.
Judicial Watch announced Thursday that it has filed suit against the Office of the Director National of National Intelligence. The constitutional advocacy group has named DNI adviser Theodore H. Moran as working for Chinese company Huawei Technologies while on the US government payroll.
According to Judicial Watch, the Chinese company, Huawei Technologies, has been cited by the United States Congress as having potential ties to Chinese intelligence. According to a 2012 House Intelligence Committee report, Huawei and the Chinese government’s relationship could provide for “economic and foreign espionage by a foreign nation-state already known to be a major perpetrator of cyber espionage.”
DNI adviser Moran may have a serious conflict of interest due to his relationship with Huawei. According to Judicial Watch, his role at the Office of DNI was to “provided intelligence agencies with judgments on key international issues, including foreign investments in the U.S.”
Judicial Watch is seeking to obtain:
  1. “All Notifications of Personnel Action (SF-50’s), financial disclosure forms, conflict of interest forms, and expense reports for former ODNI and National Intelligence Council advisor Theodore Moran from January 1, 2007, to the present.”
  2. “All memoranda and reports produced by Theodore Moran in connection with his role as an advisor to ODNI or the National Intelligence Council from January 1, 2007, to the present.”
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said of the pending suit, “Once again, we’ve had to sue the Obama administration to get basic information about a pressing national security issue. We want basic documents to evaluate any conflicts of interest at the heart of our nation’s intelligence establishment – the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.”
Read The Full Judicial Watch Press Release Here

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