C-SPAN Caller: SCOTUS Confirms Obama Not Natural Born Citizen

Yes, I am still talking about the illegal Presidency of Barack Obama.  Yes, I am still talking about his ineligibility to be POTUS.  Here is why:  

He could not possibly have done this alone.  Whether he was put into power by our own CIA, by Saudi Arabia, by Russia or by some other means is debatable.   Nevertheless, the point is he had (and has) help and he has it on a massive scale.   
They did not bring him to power to be sure Americans had Obamacare.  They didn't bring him it power because they are blue collar Democrats.  They didn't bring him to power because they thought America needed a Community Organizer.  
It is quite clear they brought him to power to fulfill their agenda.  Their agenda is his agenda.  That agenda, veiled by smoke and mirrors, is to transform America to a third world nation in order that a New Order could come to power. A new global political system.
They could not beat us militarily.  They could not beat us philosophically.  They could not beat us honestly.  No, they have to subvert the constitution and infiltrate America's power centers to win.  And while the fight is not over, they are winning, if only because the genius of subversion is that the enemy does not even know there is a war until it is over, and they are soundly defeated. 

Yes, I am still talking about the subversive coup and subsequent takeover of America fostered by a shadow government that started long ago, but took a giant leap forward with the illegal Presidency of Barrack Hussein Soetoro Obama.



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