Son Of Hamas Founder Slams Hamas Exposes Their Ultimate Goal On Live TV

Hamas is nothing but another Islamic terrorist organization- with the same goals as the Muslim Brotherhood, same goals as al Qaeda, same goals as ISIS and the same goals as the rest of these radical destroy Israel and a return of their beloved Caliphate under the Sharia.  
But please note:
  • It's not a secret and the Obama's regime admits, he is also supplying al Qaeda with arms in Syria, which of course, this is really what Benghazi was about.  
  • Gaddaffi was cooperating with the U.S. State Department under Bush and the early days of Obama to root out al Qaeda as part of the  "war on terror", under Obama, he is dead.  
  • ISIS is al Qaeda with a new name.  Not only have we done nothing to stop their bloody reign in the middle East, we have conveniently left behind in Iraq a virtual treasure trove of weaponry...rocket launchers, stinger missiles, artillery, tanks, humvees, MRAPS, and are doing nothing to stop them from using them. Think Fast and Furious on steroids.  
  • Obama's own brother Malik, is a member of Hamas. Isn't that nice and cozy?  The President's brother is a member of a terrorist group.  Of course, most of his family has terrorist ties. Coincidence?  While we are at it, Obama's uncle Sayid said that the whole Obama clan are Muslims.  
  • Obama continues to foster an open border policy that is allowing illegals to enter this country, and without a doubt many of these illegals are Muslim terrorists
I strongly suggest that the "treasure trove" of weaponry left behind was by design.  I won't elaborate too much in this post, nor can I "prove" it, but I do ask the reader to consider this as a possibility.  Obama pulled all of our troops out of Iraq...even when his General's on the ground told him it was too soon.  Maliki's government has all but folded, and along comes ISIS to take U.S. spoils, and we do nothing to stop their march of terror.  A little to clean if you ask me. We are responsible for those weapons, end of story. 
The point is, one way or another, under Barack Hussein Obama, we support, train and arm (to the teeth when it comes to ISIS) many of these terrorist groups. Why do you think this is?  
Here at home where Obama can't arm them for conquest quite so quietly, he (and his criminally complicit cronies and media) lends credibility to the mother of all terrorist groups (and I mean that literally and figuratively) having granted the Muslim Brotherhood positions within the White House...on his own National Security team no less.  Why do you think this is?
The latest backing of a terror group is very obvious, to those paying attention, Obama has continued his turn from Israel as an ally, and seems to be more and more openly supportive of Hamas, including monetarily.  Why do you think this is?  
(Not to mention, and I realize this is besides the point,  Obama is extremely rude to Netanyahu, not how one speaks to an ally.) 

With all that said, and this is only a fraction of what we know about Obama's support of terror regime's around the globe and at home, is there any doubt that Barack Obama is himself supporting terrorism abroad, and here at home, waging stealth jihad on America? Just connect the dots America...and then ACT!  -W.E.

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